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What is Long Eye Relief Scope & How to Adjust it?

long eye rifle scope

If you want to get the best eye relief scope, you must first understand what eye relief is. Eye relief is the distance between the scope and your eye; it is a vital aspect to consider when purchasing a rifle scope. The eye relief protects your eyes from the recoil of the rifle, which pulls the scope back. If you hold the scope close to your eyes, the picture of the target may appear hazy. To avoid this problem, choose a long eye relief scope.   

What is the Long Eye Relief Scope? 

The distance must be at least 6-inches if you are considering a long eye relief scope. This will give you a good view of the objective. A long eye relief scope is essential for your rifle if it has a severe recoil, such as a large-caliber bullet, it allows you to focus on the target properly without the scope harming your face due to rifle recoil. The long eye relief scope may or may not have a big focal plane, but it should have a high light transmission requirement. Even though your eyes are far away from the ocular lens, you can still see the target clearly and this is one of the best features of rifle scopes.  

How to Adjust Eye Relief on a Rifle Scope? 

Now we’ll get into the specifics of how to adjust eye relief on your rifle scope

  • Each rifle scope has a standard size and comes in variety like short, standard, or long eye relief. However, some shooting experts can easily adjust their rifle scopes on the other hand some require some assistance. A comfortable position is important, before going out for a safe shooting. 
  • The eye relief of rifles varies according to the model, manufacturer, and type of optic. If you are facing any issues, see the installation manual that comes with the rifle scope. Using this handbook, you can quickly install the base and rings.  
  • If you’re consistently missing more shots or your target, you might think about adjusting your eye relief settings since you could be using the inappropriate scope that’s expressly intended for various purposes. Follow the manual for any tips on adjusting a long eye relief scope.

Problems with Rifle scope Adjustment 

Every hunter or shooter should know how to adjust a rifle scope. However, adjusting the scope lenses  

is not an easy task. Here are some of the most typical adjustment issues: 

  • Windage loss is a typical issue among rifle owners who are preparing their weapons for long-range shooting. 
  • Parallax mistake occurs when a shooter shoots at a target using a scope but the focus is on a different plane than the reticle. 
  • The difficulty of getting your gun on the same plane as the target item is known as an elevation issue. 

Things to consider when choosing the Best Long Eye Relief Scope 

If you are looking for the long eye relief scope the follow, consider these features before making your buying decision.  

  • Lens Coating: Lens coating will allow a high amount of light transmission to the scope while minimizing light reflection. It guarantees that the scope’s focal and objective lenses have an anti-reflective multilayer film. 
  • Objective lens size: This objective lens absorbs as much light as possible from its surroundings. Maximum light absorption helps in obtaining a sharp and clear image of the object. You must find a big objective lens scope that will offer a good picture of the target even when the eye is half a foot beyond the scope. 
  • Durability: Durability is the most crucial factor to consider in a long eye relief scope because these scopes are specifically intended for high-powered rifles, therefore the durability of the scope allows to extend the lifetime of the scope. 

Final Words 

You should never use a regular eye relief scope on a high-powered rifle. When you use high-recoil ammunition, you may get a scar or bruise around your eyes. Choosing the best long eye relief scope from Scopeaid for the high-powered rifle helps to avoid shooting injuries. 

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