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Top Two Reasons Causing Vision Issues for Marksmen Customers

#1 Haven’t been to a professional optical examination Doctor. We’re not talking about the fast , high speed eye exam. To see the way you need ,it requires an in-depth vision, eye health examination. These are not completed in 13 minutes. Once you experience the rewards of this type of customer care, and vision improvements you will understand.

#2 Many of you are wearing eyeglasses made of Polycarbonate Material. It’s a vision issue for the precision Marksmanship who’s wishing to archive great vision. Many of you are wearing this as the recommendations of the person helping you with glasses. When you mention Firearms shooting, hunting, etc., the first thoughts go to Safety and most retail Optical’s only provide Polycarbonate as it’s all their purchasing department allow. Most retail optical stores are owned by the major Polycarbonate manufactures.

You need Trivex for the same safety reasons, and for the pure lens optics that your wishing to archive. It’s available in 2 materials , one for standard Rx’s, another for more powerful Rx’s that need to be thinned for lighter weight, cosmetics and your comfort. FYI, your cost for Trivex will either be the same or have only a few dollar increase. Beware, the Polycarbonate owned retailers, will do their best to price you back to Polycarbonate. View it by Google and look up Trivex by PPG.

ScopeAid is made of Trivex so our optics match the performance of the quality optics inside your Scopes.

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