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Shooting Times Reviews ScopeAid®

For Shooters and Hunters

ScopeAid was created for Shooters who wear bifocals. It’s intended purpose is to bring the recitle of a rifle scope into sharp focus.

According to ScopeAid founder, Jay Eller, when shooters who wear bifocals – and he’s one of them – try to look though their rifle scope, the crosshairs are blurry because the recitle is close to the eye.  To bring the recitle into sharp focus, the bifocal wearer has to view it through the lower portion of the eyeglasses, and that means raising or tilting one’s head.  Getting one’s head positioned so as the see through the bifocals can be a real problem. I wear bifocals and can attest to that.  It’s frustrating to say the least.

As a long-range rifle competition shooter, Eller struggled with it, and his solution was to have his bifocal prescription put in a lens that mounts onto the back of his rifle scope.  He calls it the ScopeAid.

High Definition Optics

The ScopeAid uses HD optics and a shooter’s personal eyeglass prescription. It has a flexible rubber housing that slides over a scopes eyepiece.  Using the shooter’s prescription, ScopeAid makes proprietary calculations and then uses custom CNC equipment to machine pixels on the lens surface.  After polishing and applying ScopeAid’s AR coating, the lens is installed in a medical grade silicone rubber housing.

Coming up with that rubber housing wasn’t easy, but Eller’s professional experience in the rubber-molding industry enabled him to develop the correct material, which had to be strong and secure while also being flexible. He created a multiple cavity mold that produces a rubber housing that will fit a variety of scope diameters. Actually, two sizes are offered.  One fits scopes with a diameter ranging from 36.33mm to 45.72 mm.  A larger size fits scopes with a diameter ranging from 45.72mm to 53.34mm.

ScopeAid: Five Options

ScopeAid is offered with Crystal, Amber, Yellow, Flame, or Mirage lens colors.  I ordered the crystal version and put it on my Leupold VX-3 2.5-8X 36mm scope mounted on a Ruger No. 1 RSI rifle.  The scope’s Boone & Crockett BDC reticle withCPC-style aiming points made for a good test.  Without the ScopeAid, even after adjusting the scope’s eyepiece the best I could, the reticle just wasn’t completely in focus.  Plus, I had to raise my head to be able to look through the lower part of my eyeglasses.  Obviously, doing so did not allow the most consistent cheekweld.  But after I put ScopeAid on my rifle scope, the crosshairs were crisp and so was each of the BDC lines with my head down, positioned with a firm cheekweld

ScopeAid does exactly what Eller designed it to do.  Get yours today and make every shot count!

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At ScopeAid, we are perfectionists who stand behind our craftsmanship and customer satisfaction. If you are not completely satisfied, simply email us for return authorization.


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