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ScopeAid: For Inquisitive Minds

Hi, we receive many messages on how and why the optics of ScopeAid work so we thought we would make this Post for those inquisitive minds. The optics are a special mix of your near reading Rx and a sight mix of your distance Rx, plus we allow for the vertex distance from your eye to the scope for a sharp crisp viewing. We manufacture it using digital cutting that produces tiny pixels of optics creating a full field not interfering with the Scope and your target. If we used standard manufacturing it would cause optical issues and confine the field of view of your scope at the target. ScopeAid’s purpose is to bring the crosshair( retile) into focus for those wearing glasses made with progressive multifocals of bifocals. This allows the marksman to wear their glasses as normal when looking though the scope using the distance upper portion of their glasses and maintaining a firm natural grip on their rifle or crossbow.

The lens it self is made to work in conjunction with the patented medical grade housing so it fits your scope securely. You can notice in the photo that it’s not an eyeglass lens. It’s manufactured using milling technology and unique CNC programing. Sure is one chunk of material isn’t it? A number of scopes have eyepieces that have some power adaptors, but never enough to make up the bifocal power most of us require. Our final process is applying a multi-layer anti refection treatment to eliminate reflections, it’s the same as the optics inside your scope. We choose our Crystal design in the photos and you will notice on our web-site we offer several other using special light filtering treatments for those conditions you might encounter. Hope this helps understand the advantages of what makes ScopeAid a benfit to your sport. As you notice it’s pretty amazing, and we encourage you to get a current eye examination for the best results, as will as it’s a good idea for the health of your eye and all the crazy things that could go wrong if not detected early.

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