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Flame filters out the highest amount of blue light waves from the visible light spectrum. This lens gets its name from the unique coloring after the filtering process has been completed. Flame offers the highest color contrasting properties in our line of lenses. The hunter will have a greater depth of vision while looking through thick brush, trees or tall grasses allowing the ability to pick out unique shapes and color changes. The highest color contrasting lens. Provides greater depth of vision in green areas and highlights unique shapes and colors.

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The Flame scope lens goes through a hallmarked anti-reflective coating process which proves to be highly beneficial for the shooter or the hunter. The flame filters of the flame scope help to filter out most of the blue light rays from the spectral region. The scope lenses tend to derive their names from the process that they go through. If we talk about the flame scope lens, it takes its title from the distinct coloring that results after the initial preprocessing stage.
The flame scope lens provides the best color divergent properties in the lens line. It provides a better vision to the shooter or the hunter and they can easily aim their target even though the dense trees or thick bushes are without a problem. The flame scope lenses are also one of the highest color contrasting lenses and it increases the intensity of vision in green spaces and illustrates distinctive colors and patterns. These are the best rifle scopes under 200.


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