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Get the clearest mark on your target with our flagship ScopeAid®. With a trademark AR coating process, Crystal is precision, pure and simple.

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The Crystal scope lens is exclusively designed to provide a precise and clear shot to the target shooter or the hunter. It is important to pick the right rifle scopes for deer hunting or target hunting so that you don’t lose your aim. Selecting the right rifle scope as per your surroundings and lighting conditions can help you be more precise.

Talking about the crystal rifle scopes made in the USA, they tend to cut the level of light around you, enabling you to see a more stable color tone. The crystal scope rifle lens is perfect for bright lighting and provides a consistent sense of contrast and complexity.

Our crystal scope lens goes through an exclusive AR coating process. These coatings
significantly raise light transmittance from 92% to 99.9%. Not only this, the internal reflections and ghost images are reduced, and visual acuity improves. They are extremely scratch-resistant, as well as water and dirt-resistant.

The crystal scope lens is AR coated which doesn’t only help with the light transmission but also improves the visual accuracy. Use the crystal scope rifle lens for an effortless shot and don’t let the environment be an excuse behind the lost aim. These lenses reduce the amount of light around you so that you can see a more consistent color tone.
The Crystal lens provides the highest level of ultraviolet light preservation, eradicating motion blur and interpretation.


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