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Amber offers blue light wave blocking capabilities that are more effective during brighter times of the day. This enables hunters to see better in the woods when trying to identify animals from vegetation or undergrowth while bedded down during mid-day. Competitive target shooters can also benefit by seeing their target more clearly during brighter times of the day. Additionally, the lens will help reduce the shooter’s eye strain providing optimum vision during competition shooting. Effective blue light filtering during brighter daytime conditions. Separates targets from vegetation and reduces eye strain.

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The amber scope rifle lens is an excellent choice for urban environments as well as those cloudy days. The amber tint provides excellent color contrast and blocks the blue light which works best in low light. Red-hued lenses reduce the visibility of green and blue backgrounds while enhancing orange and red targets against the grey and neutral backgrounds. This tactical rifle scope allows hunters to see better in the woods when attempting to determine
animals from foliage or underbrush while sleeping in the middle of the day. Dynamic target shooters can also profit from better visibility of their target during clearer points of time. Further to that, the lens will aid in reducing the shooter’s eye strain while building capacity vision during competition shooting. These lenses can help shooters who have red-green color deficiencies as they provide an average light transmission ranging from 50%-60%.


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