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4 Ways to Clean Your Best Rifle Scope Lens

A rifle scope is an incredibly complex piece of equipment that incorporates high-resolution multi-loop optics in most of the top-quality models. These lenses may provide optimum light propagation and an unrivalled vision that renders these goods essential for high accuracy shooting. But the astonishing thing is that the time people use to care for their...
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Importance Of Best Rifle Scope Lenses For Hunting And Shooting

Shooting lenses are intended to add visual accuracy to your objective. But, because toning demands very strong visual variations, this activity takes place in a range and necessitates that the shooter reaches clear objectives. On the other hand, hunting typically takes place in a forested region. The circumstances are very dissimilar, yet precision aiming rifle...
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Top Two Reasons Causing Vision Issues for Marksmen Customers

#1 Haven’t been to a professional optical examination Doctor. We’re not talking about the fast , high speed eye exam. To see the way you need ,it requires an in-depth vision, eye health examination. These are not completed in 13 minutes. Once you experience the rewards of this type of customer care, and vision improvements...
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NATO Testing, ScopeAid, & Raptor

How should I use the scope aid and the glasses for the best resolution? I have used them combined and separate. But I don’t have a clear decision as separate my left eye sees the wind flags hundreds of yards away perfectly.
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ScopeAid: For Inquisitive Minds

Hi, we receive many messages on how and why the optics of ScopeAid work so we thought we would make this Post for those inquisitive minds. The optics are a special mix of your near reading Rx and a sight mix of your distance Rx, plus we allow for the vertex distance from your eye...
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Shooting Times Reviews ScopeAid®

For Shooters and Hunters ScopeAid was created for Shooters who wear bifocals. It’s intended purpose is to bring the recitle of a rifle scope into sharp focus. According to ScopeAid founder, Jay Eller, when shooters who wear bifocals – and he’s one of them – try to look though their rifle scope, the crosshairs are...
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ScopeAid Rifle Scope Enhancer

Outdoor Gear Reviews ScopeAid®

ScopeAid was developed to solve the problem of presbyopia due to age specifically for hunters and shooters. ScopeAid has transformed my ability to see clearly through my scope and read windage and elevation marks. I can finally see my cross-hairs clearly and I have a tool that allows me to continue to shoot and hunt...
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ScopeAid® Featured in Star Tribune

Our ScopeAid® is beginning to pop up in the media, this time we appeared in the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Writer Dennis Anderson received one of our ScopeAid®s and wrote about why Scope made the ScopeAid® and provides a testimonial to our product.  We hope that we can help everyone like Dennis the next time they take out their rifle.Check...
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ScopeAid® Helps Those of Us Hunting with Eyeglasses

It happened to me on a fishing trip: Suddenly I couldn’t see to tie on a fishing lure. The optometrist confirmed it a few days later. The fancy word for the problem I was facing was “presbyopia”. It is part of the aging process. We will all experience it in some degree in our lifetime....
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