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How to Choose the Best Rifle Scope and Lenses?

scopeaid rifle scope
scopeaid rifle scope

Every hunt is a struggle, so arming oneself with the proper equipment can increase your chances of tagging out and bringing home some meat. When it comes to personalising your equipment, don’t forget about your riflescope. But, with so many superior hand-crafted riflescopes available in the market, how do you know which one is suitable for you?

The first thing to consider when selecting a hunting scope is the type of hunting you want to conduct. Are you interested in hunting wide plains and alpine ridgetops? Or will you be hunting in wooded places with little visibility? Continue reading as we lay down a few elements that may impact your selection to pick the finest riflescope for your hunt.

What is a rifle scope?

A rifle scope is a magnificent optic that helps you to shoot further out without any mistakes or more accurately.

Rifle scopes come in combinations of different types of shapes and sizes. For example, a deer hunter and target shooting will require different types of scopes.

Here are some best Rifle Scope Lenses that can help you to hit what you’re shooting at.

5 Best Rifle Scope Lenses for Avid Shooters

1. Amber

Amber rifle scope lens has the most effective blue light filtering during daytime conditions. It separates the target from the vegetation and reduces eye strain.

2. Frame 

Frame is the highest color-contracting lens. It provides greater depth to the vision in the green area and highlights unique shapes and colors.

3. Mirage

Mirage lens provides the best UV rays protection by reducing ghosting and reflection so your target is clear allowing just enough to determine wind speed and direction.

4. Crystal

Crystal scope lens is purely precious as it has a unique anti-reflective coating technique. It provides the best level of UV rays protection, reducing ghosting and reflection.

5. Yellow

Yellow rifle scope lens allows us for better vision in low light conditions and filters out blue light, which makes targets appear brighter.

Why is the importance of Rifle scope objective lens?

The objective lens is the optical element closest to an individual or specimen. The objective lens gathers light from an individual, which is responsible for producing a real image that is seen on the surface of an ocular lens. These types of lenses are the most complicated part of the microscope due to their special design.

Objective lenses are different in design and quality. Some are given below-:

  1. Microscopy method
  2. Aberration correction
  3. Performance
  4. Magnification
  5. Intended purpose

Objective lenses are generally responsible for:

  1. Determining the quality of the image produced 
  2. The total magnification
  3. Primary image formation
  4. The overall resolution

What is the Rifle scope objective lens diameter?   

The objective lens diameter determines how much light can be gathered to form an image. It is usually expressed in millimeters.

Specifications of any objective lens include-: 

  • Magnification – On the objective, magnification is usually denoted by X next to the number value (10X, 100X, etc). For example, a yellow band around the objectives indicates that it is a 10X objective.


  • Numerical Aperture – Numerical Aperture is usually labeled next to the magnification of the objective (1, 1.30, etc). It refers to the function of focal length and entrance pupil diameter.


  • Cover slip thickness – Cover slip thickness is usually denoted by a number such as 0.17mm, it is labeled on the objective to note the type of cover slip that should be used.


  • Quality correction – Quality correction is usually denoted as apochromatic, achromatic, plan, and semi-plan on the objective in order to show the design of the objective.


  • Objective standard – Objective standards such as DIN or JIS will be listed on the body of the objective depending on the type of standard.

Choosing a rifle scope lenses is entirely dependent on your requirements. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of various scopes to pick from, whether you’re a hunter or a target shooter. The main thing is to understand why you need a scope and then pick accordingly. However, there are many right scopes available on scopeaid  you can buy for your next adventure.

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