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How to Buy the Best Long Eye Relief Scope?

scopeaid rifle scope
scopeaid rifle scope

Best long eye relief scopes are a new style of the scope intended for use with rifles. These scopes are an excellent method to get the greatest possible view. It helps you to keep your attention on the target without deviating from your aim. It has a longer eye relief and an adjustable magnification for pinpoint accuracy while shooting at close or distant objects.

However, choosing the right long eye relief is one of the most underrated components of a rifle. So, before we go any further, let’s understand eye relief and why it’s so crucial.

Tips to choose a long eye relief scope

Eye Relief

Obviously, yes. As previously said, eye relief is critical in keeping your eyes safe while firing a high-caliber bullet, such as a magnum.

At the lowest magnification, the industry standard for eye relief is around 3.5 inches. To get a clearer view at greater magnification levels, move your eyes closer to the lens. Long eye scope objective lens, must have at least 5 inches of eye relief at the lowest magnification to keep your eyes safe even while firing from unusual angles.


Many people feel that magnification is the most important feature of a rifle scope lenses.

If you’re hunting big game, you’ll want as much space between you and the target as feasible. A broad magnification range provides a lot of versatility and allows you to hunt the way you choose, whether it’s up close and personal or long-range and tactical.

The Reticle

Nothing is more important than the reticle and its crosshairs when it comes to precision. There are two types of reticles: the first focal plane and the second focal plane.

A reticle should provide you with enough information, including adjustability and holdover positions, and give you a solid idea of the bullet’s trajectory.

Light Transmission

A good rifle scope objective lens will have anti-reflective, multicoated lenses. These lenses transfer as much light from their surroundings as possible, resulting in a vibrant, brilliant image. When filming in a forest with a lot of grass and trees, contrast is very vital.

When photographing in low light, excellent light transmission is critical. The lens should, at the very least, offer an image as clear as you can see with your own eyes.


What truly distinguishes the best scope lenses from the imperfect ones is their durability. Whereas a cheap Chinese counterfeit is likely to fall apart after a few rounds, high-quality scopes are prepared with craftsmanship that will last you years, if not a lifetime.

A good scope objective lens should be built of aircraft-grade aluminum and should be nitrogen or argon purging. These qualities shield your gun from environmental elements such as grass, trees, and branches, as well as weather elements such as rain, fog, and water. Having a lifetime warranty is also very beneficial!

We’ve put together a list of some of the extraordinary tips to choose a perfect long eye relief scope in the market to meet your demands as an active hunter or shooter.

ScopeAid can deliver the best-extended eye relief scopes for hunting. They will fulfill your requirements in an appropriate way.

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