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ScopeAid® Helps Those of Us Hunting with Eyeglasses

It happened to me on a fishing trip: Suddenly I couldn’t see to tie on a fishing lure. The optometrist confirmed it a few days later. The fancy word for the problem I was facing was “presbyopia”. It is part of the aging process. We will all experience it in some degree in our lifetime. The muscles in our eyes that enable us to focus on near and far objects become less flexible. The most common solution is eyeglasses with multiple RX prescriptions in the lenses called bifocals or in some cases trifocals.

This vision problem carried over to my favorite sport of competitive long-distance shooting at 1,000 yard distances for Benchrest and F-Class disciplines. The crosshairs in my riflescope had become blurry. I couldn’t clearly see the windage and elevation marks. As a result, my scores and rankings in competitions dropped dramatically. If only I could bend my head sideways to be able to see through the lower portion of my eyeglasses’ bifocal lens. But that was not possible. And deer hunting? Forget it!!

Thus began a long and frustrating search for a solution to a problem that affects thousands of target shooters and hunters who, as they have aged, have had their eyesight change. They now wear bifocal eyeglasses and can’t clearly see their crosshairs either. I had the good fortune to meet two gentlemen who each have come from different disciplines. They helped me find a solution for hunting with eyeglasses that can help us all continue our shooting and hunting sports as we age. Together we have developed a solution to the effects of presbyopia. This solution offers the ability to see at peak game movement times: earlier in the morning and later in the day.

Introducing ScopeAid® Vision Enhancers

Designed for bifocal wearers, ScopeAid® makes your reticle crystal clear, matches the optics of your scope, and gives you the confidence to hit your mark.

We have built dedicated hard tooling to mold silicone rubber housings. These housings can slide over the objective end of rifle and crossbow scopes that have diameters of 1.43 to 1.89 inches, and also 1.90 to 2.10 inches. These rubber housings hold lenses that are produced in our state-of-the-art facility. We use CNC machines that are digitally programmed to machine pixels, from the modified RX prescriptions of patients with presbyopia. After polishing the lenses, the pixels still remain on the lenses and give the user crisp, clear and truly high-definition vision.

We named the finished product ScopeAid®. There is no other product like it available today. ScopeAid® can assist the bifocal wearer with the high-definition quality lenses that provide the clearest shot of your life.





At ScopeAid, we are perfectionists who stand behind our craftsmanship and customer satisfaction. If you are not completely satisfied, simply email us for return authorization.


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