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It’s Time For That Eye Exam

It is already the middle of June, and you have already booked your hunting trip, just received that hard-to-get license, and are practicing for the top gun match at the club. Perhaps you are looking forward to the early crossbow hunting season, you just purchased that dream rifle and scope combination, or are just starting to think about fall and that all it encompasses. One item that you need to put at the top of all your list is an eye exam.

That’s right an eye exam. You are another year older. That means you are closer to, or already experiencing, presbyopia. What’s that? It is part of the aging process. We will all experience it to some degree in our life. Our eye muscles lose their flexibility, and can’t focus on both close and distant objects. Reading a newspaper becomes difficult as our arms aren’t long enough. Threading a needle is almost impossible. Watching TV makes your eyes ache.

Introducing ScopeAid® Vision Enhancers

Designed for bifocal wearers, ScopeAid® makes your reticle crystal clear, matches the optics of your scope, and gives you the confidence to hit your mark.

The solution is an RX prescription for multi-focal eyeglasses that enable us to read the newspaper, thread a needle and watch TV comfortably. One important problem that is not solved by an RX prescription alone is looking through a rifle or crossbow scope.

That’s because the scope is so close to the eye. The normal position of the cheek on the stock, requiring the shooter to look through the top portion of their glasses, which is the distance focus aid for the eye. That results in fuzzy and blurred crosshairs. The correct close-vision aid is in the lower half of the eyeglasses. But that makes maintaining the cheek on the stock, and line of sight, just about impossible to accomplish safely.

ScopeAid®, “The Clearest Shot of Your Life”, solves the problem of shooting with bifocal eyeglasses. But we need your current RX prescription, distance from your eye to the scope, and your other order information entered into the form on our website. We then CNC machine pixels on the lens, after polishing and applying our proprietary AR coating, to produce the highest resolution and quality vision available for looking through the rifle or crossbow scope.

So you owe it to yourself to make an appointment for eye exam now, because it’s the middle of June and you need to be able to see to enjoy all those fun things you want to do this fall.





At ScopeAid, we are perfectionists who stand behind our craftsmanship and customer satisfaction. If you are not completely satisfied, simply email us for return authorization.


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