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Since I started wearing bifocals, why can’t I clearly see the crosshairs in my scope even when I focus the eyepiece on my scope?
The reason is the same as when you’re reading. That 10-30 inch vision becomes the challenge you are experiencing. ScopeAid® has solved this challenge by development of an optics system that incorporates your Rx to allow viewing without having to lift your head or bifocals. Simply take your normal aim, and let ScopeAid® work with your eyes and your scope to line up the target.

How can I hold my head to see the crosshairs in the scope through my bi-focals?
As a Bifocal, or Multifocal wearer you need custom powered lenses prescribed by your Eye Doctor. ScopeAid® takes your optical prescription, and has it digitally manufactured so you have precision optics in the right place. This creates the proper alignment from your eye to the reticle and on to the target. ScopeAid® will bring back the comfort of taking aim that you had as a youth.

What is Presbyopia?
It’s a normal vision occurrence as we age. Simply put, your eye loses its ability to flex, or stretch, similar to other parts of the body. There are many developments new and old for the corrective assistance you need when presbyopia knocks at your door. Your Eye Care Doctor uses specialized test and will advise you on exact conditions affecting your personal vision. As an owner of guns you owe it to yourself to have an Eye Examination at least every 2 years. Could you imagine sighting-in your weapon only every 24 months?

I’m 50. Why can’t I focus my scope? I could see fine last year.
The condition is called “Presbyopia” (see above) and you’re lucky to have reached 50 before this became an issue. Your short-range vision, say 10-30 inches, needs some help, and that’s what ScopeAid® was developed to do. The creators of ScopeAid® know what you mean with the question, and we know the benefit our product will provide you and others struggling with those crosshairs.

Introducing ScopeAid® Vision Enhancers
Designed for bifocal wearers, ScopeAid® makes your reticle crystal clear, matches the optics of your scope, and gives you the confidence to hit your mark.

I’m skeptical of new products. Why and how does ScopeAid® work?
Technology, the Internet, and all types of crooks keep all of us on the cautious side of life these days. ScopeAid® works for those of us who need an optical device for reading or near vision. ScopeAid® has designed mounts for different scopes, and works with optics laboratories to produce prescription lenses that will allow you to take normal aim of your weapon — aligning your eye to the reticle and the target — for improved accuracy. This is one product you will have to try to believe, but if you wear Bifocals, we are the real thing for your shooting improvement.

What makes Crystal ScopeAid® so clear?
It’s the anti-reflective coating. The same technology that makes your scope and camera lenses so crisp and clear.

Why is my prescription so important?
We could make this product by guessing or create some on-line gimmicks to attempt to find the close-enough powers our customer might need, but is “close”, or “almost” what you need when looking through your scope? Have your vision tested at least every 24 months, and enjoy a more accurate view of the world. ScopeAid® is not about “good enough”; send us your prescription for precision.

I have challenges seeing during low-light conditions, early or late in the day. How will ScopeAid® improve this?
The ScopeAid® Blu-Lite® products are specially designed to filter the blue light spectrum, during different conditions of daylight. Our trademarked treatment will enhance the contrast and detail of your target.

I shoot long range competition. What will ScopeAid® lenses do for me.
The ScopeAid® Mirage is your answer. It’s a multi-coated lens that calms down the affects of target movement on target acquisition while allowing the shooter to “read” the wind. In addition to your digitally produced prescription lens, this ScopeAid® Mirage coating allows for better shot placement.

How does ScopeAid® fit on my scope?
We have two different sized custom designed silicone rubber housings that slide over the reticle of the scope. The Small size fits 1.43 to 1.86 inch diameter scopes. The Large size fits 1.87 to 2.10 inch diameter scopes.

I haven’t had my eyes examined in two years. Do you really need my prescription?
Our eyesight is a very precious gift and we encourage everyone to have their eyes examined every two years. We don’t offer stock, off-the-shelf lenses. ScopeAid® is a custom-produced product and is designed specifically for each customer.

How does ScopeAid® improve my existing scope?
ScopeAid® can only improve the ability of the shooter to see better while looking through their scope. ScopeAid® increases the sight picture without decreasing the field of view but cannot improve the quality of the scope’s optics.

I have worn yellow and amber colored lenses before. What makes ScopeAid® Yellow and Amber lenses so much better?
ScopeAid® can’t speak to what the yellow lenses were that you used in the past, but we employ a Blu-Lite® treatment that is a professional process to enhance your vision during certain light conditions. The yellow color is the result of this process. Our Blu-Lite® products filter the blue spectrum where others are simply a color tinted lens. The process was developed by NASA and is based upon birds of prey’s ability to see to hunt for food during certain light conditions.

Will ScopeAid® work with contact lenses?
Yes, our current prescription products are designed for anyone needing reading or near vision assistance.

I have an Astigmatism. Will ScopeAid® work for me?
Yes, our current prescription products are designed for anyone needing reading or near vision assistance.

I sleep in my deer stand. Will ScopeAid® still help me see deer?
You have had your eyes examined, purchased your ScopeAid®, sighted in your rifle, scouted for a hunting site and are sure you will fill your tag. Then you wake up and see that 10-point buck standing 50 yards away broadside and looking right at you. The chances of you standing up, getting your gun up, and getting your rifle on target before the white flag is gone are slim to none. Moral of this story, stay awake!!

I shoot a crossbow with a scope. Will ScopeAid® work for me when I try to shoot a deer?
Yes, ScopeAid® will work equally as well on your crossbow as any rifle.

Will the field of view change when I use a ScopeAid® lens on my scope?
No, your field of view will remain the same while your sight picture will increase.

What makes ScopeAid® optics different?
We like to believe that we have developed a product for people whose vision has changed because of aging. People who still want to safely pursue a hobby from their youth–something they truly enjoy. ScopeAid® is manufactured on state-of-the-art CNC controlled optical laboratory equipment that, instead of just grinding a vision correction into a surface, digitally puts pixels in place resulting in surfaces similar to the facets on a diamond.

Does addition of the ScopeAid® lens change the magnification and field of view of my rifle scope?
No, the magnification will remain the same, while your sight picture will increase.