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Everything You Need to Know about Long Eye Relief Scope

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A Long Eye Relief Scope is an optic with around 6-10 inches of eye relief and isn’t a red dot. This will give a good view of the objective. Even though your eyes are far away from the object you can still target clearly and this is the best feature of the relief scopes. Users with long eye relief may attach a scope on rifles with substantially higher recoil without fear of bashing their eyes out. This implies that handguns, rifles with limited scope options, and heavy recoiling weapons such as shotguns, as well as cartridges such as the 375 H&H magnums, may all be equipped with a scope for precise shooting. 

But what exactly is eye relief, and why should you start thinking about it while searching for your new scope?

What is eye relief?

Eye relief is the distance between your eye and the scope’s ocular lens which you can keep while having full visibility of the scope’s view.

Different Types of Long Eye Reliefs Scope

  • Shooting type: It is basically preferred for shorter-range shooting and where maximum magnification is not desired.
  • Shooting Area: Areas that have a lot of hills,brush, uneven terrain, and trees.
  • Shooting Caliber: It is Ideal for high caliber rifles.
  • Measurement: Its measurement is above 4.5 inches
  • Upside: Its broader field of view allows it to identify a target and sight it quickly.
  • Downside: The smaller magnification capabilities when compared to standard eye relief options.

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Tips to consider while choosing Rifle Scopes

  • Research: Compare the cost and browse different websites and stores. Tru to read through hunting websites and images. This will help you in finding a better grasp of some of the best rifle scope models available on the market.
  • Understand each scope: Before choosing a Rifle Scope you must understand each scope’s performance in different types of weather.
  • Image quality: Image quality is the most significant component. High magnification will not help in acquiring a clear picture.
  • Adjustment capability: Many Rifle Scope brands allow very little or no reticle movement. The reference point should remain constant if the shot is taken from different angles. If there is any slight change in eye position, the aim will also change.

In recent years, the scope lenses in the market has grown significantly; thus you will get many varieties of Rifle Scope in the market.

Here are some reasons why you should use a Rifle Scope lens

1. Increased Accuracy

It gives a better vision to Target using its magnifying glass. A Rifle Scope lenses clarity reduces over long distances because of increased field.

2. Extra Features 

Rifle Scope comes with unique characteristics such as adjustment knobs that make slight modifications to your aim so that it becomes more refined.

3. Comfort

If you want to become a sharp shopper then comfort is everything.

There are different types of Rifle Scopes that come with features like a light adjustment that improves your vision since you can increase or decrease light reaching your eyes. If that’s not comfort, then nothing else can be.

4. Safety

Rifle Scope provides safety during shooting. For example, if you are shooting in the darkest of the night, it becomes easy to confuse a person with an animal. This could be very serious since you may cause harm or death.

There were the few tips tips to determine the proper eye relief. To keep things easy, go for a scope with at least 3.5 inches of eye relief. If your rifle has a lot of recoil, get even more eye relief. However, you should never use a regular eye relief scope on a high-powered rifle as you may get a scar or bruise around your eyes. That being said, if you’re seeking for cutting-edge optics with exceptional eye relief, check out Scopeaid for high-quality riflescopes.

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